Graphic outsourcing and why ?

MaskTask can help your company in the graphic industry to become more efficient in your daily routine work by outsourcing certain tasks to Asia and save time and resources as the result.

We provide services in digital image processing, such as; clipping, masking and other image manipulations to companies like AD bureaus, photographers, printing houses, DTP and other prepress companies.

We can guarantee Scandinavian quality, as we are a graphic outsourcing company owned and managed by Danes with its base in the reputable Malaysia. We have specialised us in providing a premium service to the global market through our highly educated graphic designers and easy file processing for attractive prices where you can save up to 2/3 of your operation costs.

MaskTask can tailor the right solution for your individual needs, as it’s not every company who has the same needs for outsourcing. So you can safely leave your daily routine tasks to MaskTask and focus on your more creative and productive projects.
When outsourcing makes sense